22 lis 2008

Sailing Trip - opowiadanie storm at the sea

 Three friends decided to spend holidays together. In August, Tony, Paul and Jason went sailing in the Pacific Ocean. They were very excited but unfortunately it was not their perfect holidays.
 One morning, the weather was favourable for a cruise so the men set off for a boat ride. When they were standing on the deck of the boat , suddenly black clouds gathered above them. 
 The gale was blowing and the boat started to rock from side to side. Huge waves were crashing against the boat. The men were scared. 
 All of a sudden, the lightning flashed. A bolt of lightning struck the boat and the mast burst into flames. When the boat was sinking slowly, Tony radioed for help. Fortunately, they had a life raft so they jumped into it. They had been waiting for two hours for help before the coastguard appeared. 
 At last they were safe and sound. After this accident, the men decided to watch the weather forecast before every cruise.  

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