18 lis 2008

Opracowanie rozmówek

Opracowanie rozmówek - matura podstawowa - uzyskiwanie/udzielanie informacji.
Polecenia z podręcznika wydawnictwa Omega "Język angielski Matura" autorstwa Ilony Gąsiorkiewicz Kozłowskiej.

-How can I get to Brighton?
- Could you book a single ticket for me in a hotel or a guest-house, please?
-What kind of tourist attractions are there in Brighton?/ What can I visit in Brighton?

-Where is the nearest swimming-pool?
-When is it open?
-How much is a ticket for students?

-Hello, I’m calling about your advertisement. I’d like to know where your flat is located?
-Is it fully furnished?
-How much is the rent for a week?

- You should catch bus number 5 and get off at the bus stop in Flower street.
-The best supermarket is in Lipowa Street, it’s really cheap.
- Of course you can pay everywhere by credit card.

- I think you can visit me in the middle of October.
- How long would you like to stay?
- It’s autumn, so you should get warm clothes like jumpers, trousers, a jacket etc.

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