20 lis 2008

Matura rozszerzona wypowiedź pisemna Język angielski Ilona Gąsiorkiewicz Kozłowska - Niepełnosprawni są wśród nas

Oto skrótowe opracowanie 1-go tematu:

We can not say that the business of the handicapped does not concer us. We live in one society and we should do with might and main to make their lives better and more comfortable.

Therefore, if we know that handicapped people are among us, what the society, the government and local authorities should do?

  • society: should treat them as equals
  • when necessary, help them with shopping, everyday duties
  • government: should give them special pension because they need a lot of medicines which are often expensive
  • provide free access to psychologists 
  • local authorities: should build more approaches and provide proper public transport
  • organise clubs for the handicapped where they could meet 

We know that handicapped people are among us, so try to be kind and make them feel comfortable in their society.

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