19 lis 2008

5 następnych rozmówek - uzyskiwanie, udzielanie informacji


– Hello, I’d like to know what kind of rooms you have?

- How much is a single room?

- What kind of facilities do you offer?


– I graduated from A.M University in Poznań, I received 2 years training in Johnson’s Company.

- I’m interested in your offer because your company is the best on the market and you have well qualified employees. 

- I’m ambitious, reliable, patient and really like meeting new people.


– Hello, I’d like to change my ticket reservation for flight to Poland. My flight number is A227BF0, on 27th September 2007.

- When do you have the nearest available flight to Poland?

- O.K. I’d like to make a reservation this date on Friday 5th October 2007.


– Excuse me, where can I see the Modern Art exhibition?

- Is it possible to take photos there?

- Where can I buy some souvenirs?


– Where do you come from?

- What do you do?

- How long are you going to stay in Poland?

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